The Blog:

The principal aim of thecomplexbrain is to provide feature articles on cognitive / psychological topics, but other topics (including digital productivity) seem to crop up with alarming frequency (particularly digital productivity).


The Blogger:

I (Stephen Dewitt) am a postgraduate cognitive psychology researcher at King’s College, London. I am working on delivering an intervention to reduce sedentary behaviour in office workers. I studied for my PhD at Queen Mary University and examined the best methods of presenting Bayesian problems to a general audience in medical and legal settings.

I am passionate about teaching and communicating about the scientific methods. I have many academic interests including reasoning and decision making, philosophy of science, statistics, chaos and complexity theory, epistemology, evolutionary theory, philosophy of mind and information theory.

Great Recent Reads: Complexity (Mitchell Waldropp); Sapiens (Yuval Noah Harari); I Contain Multitudes (Ed Yong); A Brief History of Everyone who Ever Lived (Adam Rutherford).

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